Web Development

> Frontend:  Angular , React.js , jQuery , Vue.js
> Backend:  Node.js , ASP.Net , PhP 
> Database:  MS-SQL , MY-SQL , MongoDB

Website Development

Lets have a brief description, the way we deal a business requiremnt


Business Requirement

The most important step, in which we try to understand the business , its domain and create the BRD (Business Requirement Document) with a agreed timeline and deadline. Then we ask the business owner to approve the documnet making sure that we both have the same goal in our mind before starting our process.


Project Planning

According to the BRD we decide the timeline of delivery and create a dedicated team from our resourse pool. Project planning includes the role and responsibility assignment to the team and delivery manager. A BDE is always avilable to the business to communicate between the delivery manager & the business team to share the updates and hurdles.                     


Technology Analysis

Responsibility of our seniour most team member is to make analysis of the latest technologies which suits fit for the application before starting, once gets approval of same from our CTO, we go for our next phase that is development.



Development starts with first step of the Architecture development, which have to be highly scalable. Then our team starts working on the project parallel with the webiste designing team. Ourt team does the unit testing once they are done with the development of the module before giving it for processing  the next phase.                      


User Testing

Out testing team does this role. It includes positive and negative testing. Testing team plays the important role ,as we consider them as a real user for the application.


Load Testing

This testing step we do to test if the developed website is capable to handle the number of users required for application at a single time.



Deployment team will deploy your website or application to the hosting space and will be responsible for making your website live to users.


Deployment Testing

After deployment to the UAT or Prod out dedicated testing team will be resposible for the full testing before giving sign off to the delivery manager.



Our dedicated Delivery Manager is responsible for the timely delivery of the application.                          

Technology stack mentoined is not fixed to us, it changes time to time as per market changes. We do regular analysis on latest technology stack and try to implement same in the application


Angular :  Angular 9 is the laterst version on which we are currently using in our all projects. For front end develpemnt we use angular for better rendering and easy maintainance of a large website. using angular, application become highly scalable and fast rendering , which impresses the user.

React .js : We use react.js as well for the front-end development. We choose react if the application is a medium size application, React is more preferable than angular for small and medium sized application. We use React.js with Next.js & Redux frameworks to make your website able to give the magical performance to user.


Node.js : We use node.js as a backend to develop a highly scalable dynmaic websites. Till now we have developed 10+ quality websites using the technology combo of MERN stack & MEAN stack. Our team is highly skilled & capable to handle small to large size website in development and hosting as well. 

ASP.Net : We work on both .net core and old framerworks as well. ASP.net application are also highly scalable, and we prefer to use as per clients choice or by their existing environment. We have developed eCommerce website using ASP.Net and angular combo using My-SQL DB/ MongoDB as well.  


Static Website Pricing


$ 99 one time
  • Without Photoshop
  • Without SEO
  • 5 Pages Only
  • 1 Static website
  • Without Web Hosting
  • No maintainance


$ 149 one year
  • Without Photoshop
  • Without SEO
  • 10 Pages Only
  • 1 Static website
  • Without Web Hosting
  • No maintainance


$ 299 one time
  • With Photoshop
  • With SEO ( 2 Keyword )
  • 5 Pages Only
  • 1 Static website
  • 1 Year Web Hosting
  • 1 year Maintainance


$ 399 one year
  • With Photoshop
  • With SEO ( 2 Keyword )
  • 5 Pages Only
  • 2 Static website
  • 1 Year Web Hosting
  • 1 year Maintainance

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We have more options...

Dynamic Website Pricing

Dynamic website's pricing will depend on the requirement you have with you and the technology what to be implemented, how many resources needed, and how long maintainance you need.

Call us directly with your requiements, we are avaliable anytime for support.

Web Development Combo

Website Development


Website Design + Website Development


Website Design + Website Development + Webs Hosting


Website Design + Website Development + Webs Hosting + SEO


Website Development + Webs Hosting + SEO


Website Development + Webs Hosting


Website Design + Website Development + SEO


Website Development + SEO


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